Monday, September 5, 2011

Volkswagen Type 2

Volkswagen has confirmed that they are now seriously thinking of producing the new VW Bulli concept debuted at the Geneva motor show.

Fans from the 50s and 60s might remember the famous Volkswagen Type 2 which just likes the old beetle has various name from transporter, a bus, camper or kombi. In fact this car influences so many people during the counterculture revolution it also nicknamed as the hippie van. The Bulli concept was first seen in 2001 but was never going into production.

Volkswagen says the new concept is more compact, affordable, and is equipped with more sustainable technologies which were not available 10 years ago.

The New VW Bulli just like the old one has a microbus concept based on modular system design platform. This design system is also use on other models such as Audi A3. MDS allows Volkswagen flexibility in varying its wheelbase and tracks widths depending on the different market it enters.

In the US it will target the youth market going head to head with the already popular Toyota Scion.

The Bulli is smaller but wider than the old transporter. With body of 3.99 meters long, 1.75 meters wide and 1.7 meters tall, the Bulli can easily be fitted with any of city car engine like 1.0 or 1.4 litter petrol or turbodiesel engines. In fact, in some markets this might be one of the options offered by Volkswagen

However, in the spirit of environmentally friendly vehicles, the Bully is powered with 40kWh lithium-ion battery that doesn’t need recharged for up to 300km. This battery can give Bully around 113 hp and can get to 62 mph in 11.5 seconds. When the Bulli’s battery is charged at an “electric refueling station” specially designed for electric vehicles, the charging process takes less than one hour. This has made the Bulli a zero emission vehicles.

The cockpit details are designed to be intuitive running across the entire width of the car a line with air vents. The two rows seat car’s cabin features a removable iPad as a centre console, a stow able rear bench seat that can increase cargo capacity to 1600 litres, easy reclining seats to create a compact camper, and a stereo developed by amplifier manufacturer Fender (USA) to make all music sounds as though it is being performed live.

The Bulli also sporting an L shaped LED dual headlights with an inverted L shaped daytime running lights and indicator. The LEDs not only exhibit tremendous luminous power and long life due to their low energy consumption, but also ideal for the electrically powered Bulli.

VW says that the Bulli “has the potential to establish a new, fifth brand of people carrier next to the Caddy, Touran, Sharan and its large counterpart – the Caravelle. The Bulli could even become an icon like the T1 Samba that still trades at extremely high prices today – one of those few vehicles that simply do not fade with time.”

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