Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gemballa Introduce The Latest Technology of GT Carbon Edition Stylish Car

Here is Gemballa introduce the latest technology of GT Carbon Edition super stylish model car in market with including great features.

This is the amazing model car it has great internal and external functions its color is also great this is the fantastic model design new car. It has great internal features like its seat is so stylish and smooth you feel comfortable on this car it has great excellent engine mileage.

Gemballa is the finest car company it offer great cars in market. The latest GT Carbon Edition car has top speed of 335km/h or 208mph while acceleration from zero to 100km/h (62mph) comes in 3.7 seconds.

It has excellent features like reprogrammed Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that boosts output from 612HP to 670HP at 8,000 rpm and maximum torque to 630Nm or 465-lbs/ft delivered at 5,700 rpm.

This is the best quality of latest model car its wheel runs fast you can easily go for long drive with your family your any favorite place. The wheels covered in 265/35 ZR19 tires up facade and 335/30 ZR20 at the rear.

The internals of this car are scorching with leather upholstery, carbon fibre trim, multimedia unit a Gemballa design sport navigation wheel with a complete size airbag. This is the best quality of latest car I really like it!

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