Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ferrari EGO Concept

Ferrari EGO Concept
Ferrari EGO Concept

We take a quick departure from the forthcoming maelstrom that is the Frankfurt Motor Show to present a pretty cool concept study in the minds of some very impressionable designers from Italy.

The concept is called Ferrari EGO - note that EGO means "Emotional Generation One ', rather than an act of self-importance - Ferrari design study is currently projected as a lightweight, compact super car, ready to hit the streets in 2025.

Ferrari EGO Concept

As is the case with most of the futuristic concepts of the nature of this design, Ferrari EGO comes with all the features expected out of this world the study design, including jet-style cockpit, aluminum tubular chassis, front wings and air intakes, rear spoiler, many parts of the carbon fiber is wound around the windscreen and set of LED rear lights.

Ferrari EGO Concept Pictures

Not much is known about what the designers provide transmission for this car, but they argue that the concept of inspiration comes from both P3 Ferrari and Ferrari P4 / 5.

Hats off to drain for study design, including the Institute d'Arte Applicata e Design [IAAD] Torino Alumni Salvatore Simonetti, Massimiliano Petrachi and Vincenzo Morlino and a graduate of Politecnico di Milano Luca Zunino.

Ferrari EGO Concept Exterior

We understand that these kinds of studies more imagination than anything else, but what they do, it will shed much needed light on that future designers of industry can be.

Ferrari EGO Concept Interior

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